With the current lack of real estate inventory, buyers are now forced to compete for available homes. In a market such as this, renovations have become much less important as many buyers are more willing to tackle home improvement projects in order to get the home they desire. Focus on simple cosmetic updates like fresh, neutral paint and a good power-washing of exterior areas. 
If you want to make some high-value renovations to your home, consider adding manufactured veneer to your exterior or replacing your garage door. Of the projects evaluated by Remodeling Magazine, those two improvements proved to have the highest return on investment. Most any other remodel, while still adding value to the home, will come at a higher cost than return. The magazine also estimated that a mid-level kitchen remodel will get a return value of less than 80%. 
Don’t hold off on listing in order to complete an expensive home project or find a home you want. Call your trusted real estate team, The Weil Team, today. Get your home listed in 2021 and let’s sell your house on your terms.