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Welcome to The Weil Team, where “Our Family Moving Yours” is more than just a motto; it’s our promise. We are your go-to for all things real estate-related in Oldham County and the surrounding Louisville area. Our legacy real estate team originated in 1990, and since then, we have been dedicated to helping families move from one chapter of their lives to the next with ease.

Our mission is to guide families through the real estate buying and selling process by utilizing our knowledge, expertise, and experience of the local market. We understand that buying or selling a home can be a stressful process, which is why we create a customized plan for each family to make their lives easier and less stressful. We pride ourselves on being a member of the community, and our goal is to be your go-to for real estate guidance and resources.

Our vision is to be the premier real estate family in Oldham County and the surrounding Louisville area. We strive for families in our community to view our team as influencers and a reliable resource for all things real estate-related in their daily lives. Our rich history of helping families of all sizes and needs has allowed us to develop the knowledge, expertise, and experience to guide them on their journey with less stress or anxiety.

At The Weil Team, we go above and beyond because we treat our clients like family. We believe that making ourselves available to get to know families and their needs and wants is critical to our success in helping them achieve their real estate goals. Let us help guide you through your next chapter and make your real estate journey a seamless and enjoyable experience. Come experience “Our Family Moving Yours.” 

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Katie Weil Nasser

Katie Weil Nasser is an Oldham County native and a South Oldham High School and Hanover College graduate. Oldham County is near and dear to her heart. In 2012 Katie joined her mother, Dee Weil, to continue the legacy of The Weil Team. Katie has worked hard to grow The Weil Team into one of the top real estate teams in Oldham County, Louisville, and Kentucky. 

As the leader of The Weil Team, Katie Weil Nasser is responsible for the team’s overall success. She is a licensed real estate broker in Kentucky. While her daily responsibilities revolve around working with sellers, you are likely to interact with her during any step of the process. It is important to her and the team that she stays actively involved with all aspects of The Weil Team’s business. If you are in a corporate relocation situation and need guidance, Katie is one of the top relocation agents in Oldham County and Louisville. Katie prides herself on making herself available to clients and prospects when they need her, so feel free to reach out to her when it is convenient for you.

Katie is a very active member of the Oldham County community. She currently serves as Vice Chair of the Oldham County Planning Commission. Most people do not realize what a foodie she is, so you will likely see her out and about at many restaurants in the Oldham County and Louisville area. When she’s not out and about, Katie enjoys trying new recipes at home, so be sure to check out Katie’s Kitchen recipes.

If you are looking to move and want a less stressful and family-oriented experience, call Katie Weil Nasser, so she and the team can get your family moving to the next chapter.

Quote: “The real magic in real estate is the joy it brings to both sellers and buyers as they begin a new chapter in their lives.”

Marc Nasser

Marc Nasser was born and raised in Indiana. He married his college sweetheart, Katie Weil Nasser, and was quickly introduced to the Weil family real estate experience. After a 20-year career in commercial insurance, Marc obtained his real estate license in 2017. 

Marc’s primary responsibilities for The Weil Team include buyers, inspections, new construction, and other hands-on aspects of the real estate business. His sales and marketing experience lends to the overall vision and execution of the team. Marc has an innate sense for detail and consistently uses it to benefit his clients. He also is responsible for the team’s financials and statistical analysis. 

When Marc is not showing and educating buyers in Oldham County and Louisville, he enjoys spending time with Katie and Shelby at restaurants throughout the area. Marc also enjoys learning about Kentucky’s rich history of bourbon, and you might even see him standing in line for the most recent allocated release.  

If you are looking for local market knowledge with a deep understanding of the area, contact Marc to get your family moving in the right direction.

Quote: “Finding the right home in the right location helps families thrive.”

Shelby Nasser

Shelby was born and raised in the Oldham County and Louisville area most of her life. Her early childhood was spent in Chicago and South Carolina, so multicultural needs are nothing new to her. As a 3rd generation realtor, Shelby has been surrounded by real estate her entire life. From watching her grandmother, Dee Weil, work deals while in Disney World to working listings and buyer sales on her own. 

Shelby got her real estate license right out of high school at age 19. As a 2021 graduate of the University of Louisville with a degree in Marketing, she quickly stepped in to manage The Weil Team’s vast array of marketing activities. Shelby is the current Director of Marketing for the Weil Team. She is the driving force behind the team’s social media presence. Shelby also spends a lot of time working with first-time home buyers and younger generational clients, learning how the buying and selling process works. Shelby is eager to continue to grow her professional experiences and relationships. 

In 2021 Shelby took the jump from being an Oldham County native to moving into Norton Commons. She was looking for the urban experience while staying close to her roots in Oldham County. Shelby is passionate about music and musical theater and is a Kentucky Governor’s School for the Arts graduate. Shelby is an animal lover and spent time working with the Kentucky Humane Society. 

So, if you are a first-time home buyer or looking to join Shelby as a neighbor in Norton Commons, Oldham County, or Louisville, she, and The Weil Team, would love to get you started.

Quote: “Navigating the highs and lows of the real estate process with less stress is so rewarding for families.”

Dee Weil

Dee Weil is the original member of The Weil Team and began her real estate career in 1990. As a resident of the City of River Bluff in Prospect at the time, she actively began marketing that area and built it out from there. She partnered with Coldwell Banker McMahan in 1993, and The Weil Team remains their top producing agents.

Dee became a leading Realtor in the 42 corridor of Oldham County. Many people in that area will recognize her early efforts to give back to that area through the PTA, the annual Oldham County Hwy. 42 Yard Sale, and the 4th of July Community Flags. Those great traditions continue still today.

In 2012 Dee was ready to begin her transition out of the real estate business. In the fall of that year, she invited Katie Weil Nasser, her daughter, aboard, which formed The Weil Team. Together they quickly doubled their business as Katie took on more responsibility and Dee began to step back. In January 2018, Dee decided Katie and Marc should fully take the reins, which led to a record year. Early in 2021, Dee decided she was ready to pack it up and step away from all activities of The Weil Team.

“I know Oldham County, and I know Real Estate!” 


A Winning Team!


  • Number 1 in the State of Kentucky since 1996
  • Coldwell Banker’s President Elite – Top 1% Internationally

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• CNAS–Cartus Network Affinity Specialist
• CNMS–Cartus Network Marketing Specialist
• CNBS–Cartus Network Buyer Specialist

• Global Luxury Specialist


The Weil Team has been helping people sell homes in the area for over 25 years.
Consistently #1 with Coldwell Banker in the State of Kentucky.
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