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Mowing, weeding, raking and all of the other maintance our yards require should pay off, right? Is your time spent “all work and no play?” Start getting rewarded for your efforts with these backyard ideas.

Amy Howell Hirt of shares ideas on how to “Turn your labor-loving yard into a leisure-loving one.”

Outdoor Cooking and Dining Space
Add/upgrade your grill. Try adding your own outdoor pizza oven (fyi. it’s not just for pizza! but even if it were…). Be sure to have some seating for lounging and dining, consider built-ins.
A Private Outdoor “Room”
Add privacy fencing and comfortable outdoor furniture. Shop around for personalized weather-resistant furnishings or make some of your own.
Recreation Areas for Play
Playing isn’t just for kids! Make an area for bocce ball, cornhole, etc. and you’ll have a backyard with so many fun activities it will rival an amusement park!
DIY Fire Pit
A low cost and perfect solution for staying warm on those common cool summer nights. Grab some chairs and a few random sticks that you might have laying around and make some s’mores!
An Outbuilding a.k.a. Liveable Shed
Stress is everywhere, often even in our homes. A second home right located in your backyard can be the perfect place to unwind and relax. Think of it as a playhouse for grown-ups!
Outdoor Lighting
Stargazing in darkness can be a wonderful activity. But for get-togethers or outdoor lounging, efficient solar and LED lights let you extend your outdoor fun late into the night!

Leann Potts, another of House Logic’s journalists, has some additional suggestions for creating your outdoor oasis.

Make Some Noise
Sound alone can affect a yard’s ambience. Play music on an outdoor Bluetooth speaker or install a relaxing fountain to drastically improve the atmosphere of your yard.
Create Shade
No matter the year, summer is one thing: hot. Install a sail shade or consider growing overhead vines on a pergola to change the scenery to provide an soothing escape from the sweltering heat.
Biting-Bugs Avoidance
As the year approaches its middle months, bugs begin to hunt us in swarms. But no more! Some simple solutions to stop the pesky bites are:
• Use LED bulbs with a Kelvin rating lower than 3,000
• Install bird and bat shelters
• Use a portable or ceiling fan

What do you love about your backyard? We’d love to hear the ways you get creative and make the most of your space! You can go back to our blog for other home tips!

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